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Small, chopped pieces of dry wood, for starting the fire.


Kindling x3

Ideal for stocking up, our 3 pack of kindling is great value.


Log Rings (Biscuits)

Get warm twice with these logs perfect exercise when you process them! Full round and chunky, cut by chainsaw, ready to be split. Green or Partially seasoned sold by the cubic meter loose. We can cut them to order long or small.


Economy Firewood (softwood)

Cut, split and seasoned logs. This product will burn hot and fast. Sold by the tonne bag or cubic meter. Perfect on those mild nights or to get the stove hot quickly


Mixed Hardwood (for wood-burners)

Dry seasoned firewood for a wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves. Each log is approximately 4-5″ wide and 8-10″ long. Price is per tonne bag or cubic meter.


Cord Wood

Lengths of green hardwood between 0.5m and 2.5m long. At the moment hornbeam fell as part of a regeneration woodland thinning. Prices per cubic meter.


Economy Cord Wood

Lengths of softwood logs between 0.5 and 1.5m long. From fast growing trees that absorb a lot of carbon This product is ideal for wood burning stoves and will burn very fast but hot and is the wood that stoves were designed to burn.


Play Trees

For use in playgrounds.

Price on application

Premium Kiln Dried Logs (Oak/Ash)

These Oak/Ash hard wood logs are below 15% moisture content. All logs are provided in ton bags.


Soil and Compost

Top Soil

This is a top quality topsoil which is screened to 10mm. Ideal for making up or levelling prior to turfing or seeding, and for year round planting. Complies with British standards and is available in tonne bags or loose cubic meter.


Compost/Organic Matter

This product consists of broken down grass cuttings, hedge clippings, leaf mulch and topsoil. It is screened to 50-mm. Comes delivered in a one tonne bag.



Products - Mulch-crop

Play Bark

Bark chippings for use in playgrounds and play areas for children. Meet British standard requirements. Sold per tonne bag or loose cubic meter.


Bark Mulch

Our bark mulch is seasoned and is ideal for mulching and digging into beds and borders. It is generated from trees which have been felled or pruned. Sold in tonne bags or loose cubic meter.


Garden Furniture

Log Store

This is a bespoke product, made to order. Please provide us with your dimensions or call us to arrange a visit.

Please contact us for details


These benches are made from locally sourced hardwoods. They have been used in gardens, parks and as memorial benches. They are built on request and can be made to your specifications.

Please contact us for details


Ideal for use in home or commercial gardens, these planters are hard wearing and lovely to look at. Planters are bespoke items and made to order.

Please contact us for details

Railyway Sleeper (3″ x 2″)

Hardwood railway sleepers – sold by the meter and made to order. They are new and cut directly from logs. These hardwood sleepers are perfect for garden landscaping.


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